No! This is not the part where I tell you how poor I started off when I started this blog and how filthy rich and successful I have become. No, no NO! Nothing like that at all. You see, I am currently going through the struggling phase and the blog is just a few months old. Okay, before I forget to mention my name is Aalok Das, I live in Kolkata, India. I just finished my Masters Degree in Economics from the University Of Calcutta and now am pondering over my next life goal.

I have been shooting pictures since I was very young and DSLRs were not so prevalent. In fact my first camera was a small red colored film camera which came free with a ceiling fan. 36 precious shots I had in one film roll. I think I used them pretty well throughout my 15 days visit to Haridwar. When I was about to take my class XII final board exam I had a pact with my mother. If I scored more than 85%, she would have to buy me a new DSLR. We shook on it and it was on. 

I did score a little more than that and there I had it a shiny new Nikon D7000. By that time I had never even seen a DSLR from so close. I kept on shooting and God knows how I participated in one All India online photography competition. It was free (of course)! Free in India translates to thousands of entries if not more. I somehow cracked the top 10 and then on the final day I actually did win the Student’s Category Camerana Award. The best part was camera later. 

I later realized the entire competition was judged by Padmashree Raghu Rai, India’s most respected and revered street photographer. As he presented me the certificate and the camera that I just won, I was motionless, stunned but what was happening. 

That is how I started. I must say this out now. I do NOT consider any of my blogs as “tutorials”. I am not a trained photographer. I never attended any photography class or learn from any photography teacher. What I know is from experience from shooting myself. So through my blogs I am not trying to “teach” anyone anything. I don’t believe I have the expertise or the required knowledge to do that. I just want to share my experience with anyone who cares to read it. 

I hope you like them. All you suggestions are more than welcome. Please do let me know how you like the content. I will be extremely happy to hear from you. 


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