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Out of focus, blurry image of an airplane crashed in the desert

Sharper Images For Life | This Is How You Do It

If you have stepped into the world of photography you are bound to get some unsharp, blurry images. This is how you can fix them and ensure you never…

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internal mechanics of a digital camera exposed with a magnification glass held above it

Auto ISO | Everything You Need To Know

Auto ISO is a function using which a digital camera can be programmed to shuffle between a range of user-defined ISO values to maintain exposure. But should

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Back button focus reassigned to the AE-L/AF-L button

Back Button Focus | Control Your Autofocus Like You Never Have

Back button focusing is a way to reassign the autofocusing control from the default half-pressed shutter button to another button at the back of the camera.

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Panning shot of a man on a bike

The Art Of Camera Panning | How To Introduce Motion In The Frame

Panning in the context of still photography refers to a particular technique where a slow shutter speed is used in conjunction with a fixed camera to….

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